What is a Private Equity Waterfall?

What is a Private Equity Waterfall

Private Equity Waterfall is the preferred method for distributing the profits from a real estate investment. The goal is to align the interests of the various parties who invest in an individual deal or fund.

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Where’s the rent? Maybe Look to the Security Deposit

Lease Workout - Security Deposit

Landlords and tenants need to perform complex scenario analysis as they structure lease workouts that include using security deposits applied to current rent obligations. Decisions may impact other leases in the same property as well as entire portfolios.

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Stress-Testing Real Estate Developments

Stress Testing Real Estate Development

After a construction loan is funded, the ink begins to dry on development pro forma models as the market assumptions become less reliable. When major market disruptions strike, stakeholders on all sides quickly demand answers. Developers can be prepared by stress-testing scenarios in advance.

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