Opportunity Zone Business: The Business of Opportunity Q&A with CREModels

QOZB - Opportunity Zone Business - CREModels

One of the main focuses of the recently released Opportunity Zone guidance was on Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses (QOZB). Michael Harris with CREModels indicated that the new guidance is hugely important for O-zone business which, in turn, will impact real estate development. Connect Media recently asked him a few questions about guidance clarifications, and how they impact both business and real estate in Opportunity Zones.

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New Tax Benefits are a Hot Topic, but Questions Remain

Opportunity Zones and Real Estate Offer Significant Tax Benefits through Incentives

New tax incentives could catalyze billions of dollars in development and investment in 8,700 federally designated Opportunity Zones across the U.S. The question, observers say, is how the program will actually work: While some investors and developers are forging ahead with projects in these low-income areas, others aim to wait until regulators clarify the rules.

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Opportunity Zones Development: HQ2 as a Cautionary Tale

Opportunity Zones Development Risk

Amazon’s announcement that it plans to pull the plug on HQ2 in New York is a cautionary tale for Opportunity Zone investors. Amazon justified its about-face by citing fierce opposition from what The New York Times described as “a group of activists and elected officials who objected to a suite of corporate sweeteners and tax breaks.”…

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Qualified Opportunity Funds: The Real Estate Industry Weighs In

Real Estate Industry Submits Opportunity Zone Comments to Treasury and IRS - CREModels.com

While the government shutdown is holding up the public hearing, we feel it may be instructive to continue to dig into the comment letters submitted on the proposed Qualified Opportunity Zone legislation. One early takeaway was that several real estate industry groups submitted letters, and we wanted to summarize the comments made by those groups…

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Opportunity Zone Comment Letters

Opportunity Zone Funds Proposed Legislation Comment Letters

Opportunity Zone comment letters are hitting the desks of Treasury Department and IRS officials now that the comment period for proposed regulations is over. The next public hearing will be held at a date to be announced after the resolution of the government shutdown. There are currently (as of Feb 12th) a total of 175…

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