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Free Real Estate Tools

Private Equity Waterfall

Upload cash flows from your own model or start with our sample deals with our free private equity waterfall model to build private equity real estate investment structures and model returns at the project, GP, and LP levels.

Real Estate Demographics

Use our free online real estate demographics tool to evaluate acquisitions or investments and build beautiful thematic maps for OMs or marketing collateral.

Tools for Students

Visit our careers page to access free tools designed specifically for students to learn real estate analysis and underwriting, as well as complex real estate financial modeling and advanced Microsoft Excel skills.

We also offer free educational access to our underwriting to students at qualified educational institutions.

Transitional Workers

When you are in-between jobs, you often need a  way to show your ability to underwrite deals to get that next great opportunity. Don't steal models from your prior employer. We give transitional industry pros free access to our underwriting platform while on the hunt for their next adventure.

Nonprofit Access

We have a special place in our hearts for nonprofits and endowments.

If you work for one of these organizations, give us a call and find out how you can qualify for free access to our real estate underwriting tools.

Kind words from those we've worked with...

I wanted to get into the commercial real estate business, but most of the options out there for entry-level people are simply churn-and-burn or they try to funnel you into brokerage or sales. I wanted a career path that led me into management without having to become a "deal guy" and I found it here at CREModels.

We have been using CREModels for years now, and I happily refer colleagues to them on a regular basis. Every referral comes back thrilled and thanks me for enlightening them.

We know that anything the CREModels name on it is reliable, accurate and thorough. Just seeing the logo on anything that comes across my desk lowers my blood pressure by twenty points.

CREModels has been a solid supporter of our children's museum. Their executives are always available to help us by generously donating their time, their employees volunteer at all our events, and they provide continued financial support as well.

The CRE Suite - Make Your Analysts Awesome

After 5 years in the making, and building upon decades of experience by our top executives, The CRE Suite is our revolutionary flagship real estate analysis, underwriting, and asset management platform which changes the way investment and development teams operate.

In a good way. We Promise!

The CRE Suite allows your team to finally collaborate on portfolios and mixed-use projects without sacrificing productivity, dealing with locked files, or email Excel files around the office.

Don't give up the flexibility you deserve. Don't give up the power you need. Use the tool that was built by clients like you, for clients like you, to tackle the biggest deals or the quick-turnaround projects.

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