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Multifamily Lending Software Platform

Case Study: Lima One Ramps Up Loan Volume with Mission-Critical Multifamily Lending Software and Support from CREModels

Lima One Capital‘s multifamily lending business is in hockey stick-like growth mode. Five years ago, the Greenville, S.C.-based private lending company-it was founded by two U.S. Marines and named for their call sign-had closed less than $10 million in multifamily…

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Real Estate GPs Need to Get Out Their Defensive Playbooks

Press Release: CREModels Featured in Multifamily Dive

General partners should ramp up their outreach to multifamily and commercial real estate co-investors at a time of rising concern about the economy.

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Real Estate GPs Need to Get Out Their Defensive Playbook 2

Real Estate GPs Need to Get Out their Defensive Playbooks

A few simple moves can help multifamily and commercial real estate GPs run leaner while positioning them to pounce on emerging opportunities.

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What is a Private Equity Waterfall

What is a Private Equity Waterfall?

Private Equity Waterfall is the preferred method for distributing the profits from a real estate investment. The goal is to align the interests of the various parties who invest in an individual deal or fund.

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Lease Workout - Security Deposit

Where’s the rent? Maybe Look to the Security Deposit

Landlords and tenants need to perform complex scenario analysis as they structure lease workouts that include using security deposits applied to current rent obligations. Decisions may impact other leases in the same property as well as entire portfolios.

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Stress Testing Real Estate Development

Stress-Testing Real Estate Developments

After a construction loan is funded, the ink begins to dry on development pro forma models as the market assumptions become less reliable. When major market disruptions strike, stakeholders on all sides quickly demand answers. Developers can be prepared by stress-testing scenarios in advance.

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CRE Suite Real Estate Software by CREModels

Free Access Extended for Remote-Collaboration Real Estate Tools

PropTech firm cites continued market disruptions in extending the free access period to its cloud-based deal-making platform, the CRE Suite.

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Force Majeure in Real Estate Leases

Force Majeure in Real Estate Leases During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic on everyone’s mind, an often overlooked clause is gaining prominence in all contracts, including real estate leases: Force Majeure.

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Real Estate Portfolio Stress Testing

Real Estate Portfolio Stress Testing: Core 4 Indicators and Other Considerations

Real estate portfolio stress testing is one method we use to assess an investor’s ability to weather upcoming (or ongoing) economic turmoil. There are four primary factors we like to start with when doing a stress test on a real estate portfolio.

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