Easy-to-use, professional-grade real estate tools and technology-driven, relationship-focused services that combine to elevate your real estate game.


Easy-to-use, professional-grade real estate tools and technology-driven, relationship-focused services that combine to elevate your real estate game.

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Real Estate Industry Submits Opportunity Zone Comments to Treasury and IRS - CREModels.com

Qualified Opportunity Funds: The Real Estate Industry Weighs In

While the government shutdown is holding up the public hearing, we feel it may be instructive to continue to dig into the comment letters submitted on the proposed Qualified Opportunity Zone legislation. One early takeaway was that several real estate…

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Densification - Retail Rebirth?

Densification: Retail Investors Double Down on Density

Retail is by no means out of the woods in its battle with Amazon and other online retailers. 2019 kicked off with more Sears stores closings in the wake of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Despite a last ditch buyout…

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Opportunity Zone Funds Proposed Legislation Comment Letters

Opportunity Zone Comment Letters

The comment period is over for the Opportunity Zone Proposed Regulations for the Public Hearing which will be held at a date to be announced after the resolution of the government shutdown. There are currently (as of Jan 11th) a…

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Co-Working Landlords

Co-Working Landlords: Ready to Battle WeWork?

Co-working has experienced explosive growth both in the U.S. and globally over the past several years. That expansion has pushed some landlords and real estate service firms to say – “If you can’t beat them, you might as well join…

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Opportunity Zones in Top MSAs [Interactive Map]

Interactive Opportunity Zone Map with MSAs

This is the latest addition to our library of Qualified Opportunity Zone Maps. This map shows the Qualified Opportunity Zones which touch Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) having a population of over 500,000 people. Boundaries showing MSAs with population over 500,000,…

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Real Estate Replacement Costs - Far Reaching Effects

Real Estate Replacement Costs May Have Far-Reaching Effects

Soaring real estate replacement costs have been a hot topic over the past year, and short of a recession that would recalibrate the balance between supply and demand, there doesn’t appear to be much relief in sight. Rising prices on…

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Opportunity Zones for Student Housing

Opportunity Zones, Student Housing – Interactive Map

Specific asset classes have the potential to benefit from Opportunity Zones, Student Housing is one of the first that come up. This is because college towns tend to have high-density populations of students who are intentionally unemployed while attending school…

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Qualified Opportunity Zones - Interactive Map - Tampa Bay

Tampa Opportunity Zones – Interactive Map

Use our Interactive Opportunity Zone Map to evaluate opportunities and perform site selection in Qualified Opportunity Zones in the Tampa Bay Area. The box in the upper-right corner of the map allows you to quickly enter an address to see…

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UltraFICO - Effect on Real Estate Investors & Developers

How will UltraFICO Affect Real Estate Investment & Development?

FICO scores are about to change in a big way. Meet UltraFICO. Fair Isaac Corp, creator of the widely used FICO credit score, has developed a new version of the ubiquitous lending-qualification metric, dubbed the UltraFICO. This updated version, one…

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