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Reviews and commentary on research reports, as well as information related to owning, operating, and investing in Commercial Real Estate.

  • Apartment Outlook 2018: Investors work harder to maintain momentum


    The surge in new construction has taken an edge off the booming apartment market, but the sector is proving that it still has gas in the tank to deliver both NOI growth and appreciation. According to the Freddie Mac 2018 Mid-Year Outlook that was released in January, the healthy performance of the multifamily market in […]

  • The death knell is tolling for LIBOR


    Are you prepared for the disappearance of LIBOR? The clock is winding down on the last days of LIBOR, forcing commercial real estate professionals to take a closer look at mortgages and loan docs that will be impacted when the key benchmark is phased out by the end of 2021. The demise of LIBOR (the […]

  • Illinois’ financial woes could have big implications for landlords


    Owners of real estate with government tenants should take notice The State of Illinois is proving that even some of the most stalwart tenants are not immune from financial problems that can all too quickly blow up and derail a property’s operating proforma. Illinois has been making headlines recently for its soaring deficit and a […]