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Reviews and commentary on research reports, as well as information related to owning, operating, and investing in Commercial Real Estate.

  • CREModels Unveils New Tech Tools for Commercial Real Estate


    Originally Appeared in PR Newswire by Mike Harris and Max Garbus Flagship software platform, The CRE Suite, gets a major update, empowering commercial and multifamily real estate investment and development teams to close more deals, company says. A major software update released by CREModels aims to make life easier for acquisitions and development teams in […]

  • Due Diligence is Critical for West Coast Real Estate Investors

    Originally Appeared in Western Real Estate Business by Max Garbus Due diligence is of the utmost importance in all real estate transactions. However, it is particularly crucial in the West where taxes, resources and weather can play a role in a landlord’s ability to increase (or decrease) their ROI. Investors are vying to buy assets […]

  • A New Formula for Retail Rents

    Originally Appeared in Retail Leader by Mike Harris As shopper behavior continues to evolve, shopping center owners are exploring new ways of calculating rents that are less dependent on sales. Could the evolution of U.S. retail stores into showroom-type spaces, whether operated by clicks-to-bricks retailers or mainline chains with advanced multichannel strategies, ultimately alter the […]

  • Why Retail Landlords Lose Tons Of Money To Faulty Expense Calculations

    Originally Appeared on by Mike Harris Retail real estate has an underappreciated problem: Year after year, incorrect or incomplete tenant expense reconciliations cost landlords an enormous amount of money. Erroneous common area maintenance and other reconciliations (generally referred to by the catchall term “CAM recs”) can account for hundreds of thousands of dollars in […]

  • From Stores To Showrooms: Evolving The In-Store Experience And Underwriting Practices

    Originally Appeared on by Mike Harris E-commerce is transforming retail real estate, and yet the most drastic changes may still be ahead. For millennia, retailers have used stores to physically show their wares. When customers decided to buy something, money changed hands, and they took their purchases home. In this long-standing model, stores occupied […]

  • West Coast Real Estate Developers Making the Leap to Mixed-Use

    Originally Appeared in Western Real Estate Business by Mike Harris and Max Garbus Mix Well for Best Results Adding a mix of uses to a project brings an air of diversity, attracting more people to the same place. Below, mixed-use experts give their impressions of where this trend is headed. Incentives for single-use developers to […]

  • Single-use Developers Face New Challenges in Mixed-Use World

    Originally Appeared in Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Journal by Mike Harris and Max Garbus Single-use developers face new challenges in today’s world Two veteran real estate executives from consultancy CREModels ask a provocative question in a new column for Commercial Property Executive: How can single-use developers of offices, shopping centers or multifamily properties prepare themselves for […]

  • Case Study: Streamlining CAM Reconciliation

    Process for CAM reconciliation puts an end to annual ‘all nighters’ once endured by a Retail Landlord’s property management and accounting teams. Download as PDF Incorrectly or never-completed Common Area Maintenance (CAM) and other reconciliations can cost retail landlords tens of thousands of dollars over the life of a single tenant’s lease. In extreme cases, that figure […]

  • CREModels Mashing Big Data with Commercial Real Estate

    Originally Appeared in Business Observer by Kevin McQuaid Company uses data analytics to help clients make the most of their properties Mike Harris has always had a way with numbers. Computers, too. Growing up in Ocean City, Md., he always had the latest gadgets and electronics around, courtesy of his father, a foundations contractor and […]