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Reviews and commentary on research reports, as well as information related to owning, operating, and investing in Commercial Real Estate.

  • Case Study: Streamlining CAM Reconciliation

    Process for CAM reconciliation puts an end to annual ‘all nighters’ once endured by a Retail Landlord’s property management and accounting teams. Download as PDF Incorrectly or never-completed Common Area Maintenance (CAM) and other reconciliations can cost retail landlords tens of thousands of dollars over the life of a single tenant’s lease. In extreme cases, that figure […]

  • Single-Use Developers, Mixed-Use World: Making the Switch


    Originally Appeared on Commercial Property Executive by Mike Harris and Max Garbus For traditional project sponsors, embracing the opportunities of multi-use projects often involves a significant learning curve. Two experts from CREModels offer insights into making the transition. Should multifamily and other single-use developers brace for a time in which all new development is mixed-use? […]

  • Giving Due Diligence Its Due: Why Real Estate Investors Need To Ask Tough Questions


    Originally Appeared on by Mike Harris Commercial real estate investors are racing to fill their acquisitions pipelines before the market turns. However, as teams fly around the country bidding on properties, they can lose sight of a sobering fact about real estate deal-making: The faster the pace, the harder it can be to ferret […]

  • Pros offer tips on teaming up for mixed-use projects


    Originally Appeared on ICSC’s SCT News and Views by Joel Groover Also Printed in the June 2018 issue of Shopping Centers Today Retail and other traditionally single-use developers are increasingly teaming up with partners to do mixed-use projects. “Across the country, we’re working on a lot more projects that have a robust mix of uses,” […]

  • What is a Lease Abstract? (in Commercial Real Estate)

    What is a Lease Abstract?

    A lease abstract provides a concise analysis of lease documents in a format that is easily understood. It also gives structure to ensure any material items will be found and information in the form can be quickly referenced in the lease for further detail. The lease abstract should be created in a format that is […]

  • How Retail REITs are making it work


    Originally Appeared on The Real Deal by Elaine Pofeldt Now more than ever, Retail REITs are being forced to raise their game — or run for cover. Since January, Claire’s, Nine West and the Bon-Ton stores have filed for bankruptcy, joining a parade of once-ubiquitous retailers — Macy’s, Sears, Payless, American Apparel, the Limited and […]

  • Lurking in the Lease: Unexamined Risks Could Worsen the “Retail Apocalypse”


    Originally Appeared on ABL Advisor by Mike Harris and Max Garbus Concern about the fate of American retail is growing—and with good reason. Laden with debt, challenged by Amazon and racing to adapt to the changing consumer, a number of U.S. chains face uncertain futures. During the first quarter alone, Moody’s tracked a record nine […]

  • How AI Is Being Used To Read Leases, Other Real Estate Documents


    Originally Appeared on by Erika Morphy Also Printed in the May 2018 issue of Real Estate Forum “A lot of people tend to give heavily-weighted promises about AI and where it is going.” CHICAGO–A typical client for Nicholas Bartzen, an associate with Levenfeld Pearlstein’s Community Association Group, would be a condominium representative whose building […]

  • As Bon-Ton’s Fortunes Shift, Investors Brace for Liquidation


    Originally Appeared on by Donna Mitchell It seems that time is running short, putting more urgency on the decisions that landlords make concerning properties with Bon-Ton anchors. About one week ago Bon-Ton Stores appeared to have escaped the spiral of bankruptcy and liquidation that haunts so many retailers these days, after it got an […]