Leased Real Estate Assets

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CREModels works with both single and multi-tenant office, industrial and retail assets. Many times, these analyses are performed using ARGUS® Valuation DCF. Often investors also turn to specialized Microsoft Excel® models for quicker analyses when lease rollovers are less complex.

Leased assets present unique underwriting and financial modeling challenges, especially the complexity involved in handling contract and speculative rent escalations, market leasing assumptions (MLAs), renewal probabilities, tenant improvements (TIs), leasing commissions (LCs), and more.

CREModels primarily uses ARGUS® Valuation DCF or ARGUS® Enterprise to accurately model leased assets and produce discounted cash flow (DCF) analyses. Microsoft Excel® and web-based applications are also used to manipulate ARGUS® exports to perform fund-level or corporate analysis with complex debt modeling unavailable in standardized packages like ARGUS® Valuation DCF or ARGUS® Enterprise.

CASE STUDY: Streamlining CAM Reconciliation

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