Real Estate Lease Abstracts

Our highly experienced Lease Abstraction teams are experts at identifying and extracting key data from complex documents and highlighting missing fields and documents.

Because of our proprietary team structure and industry-leading CREModels LeaseQC process, we are able to offer the only 99.999% accuracy, double-your-money-back guarantee available on Lease Abstracts.

CREModels LeaseQC™

CREModels LeaseQC is our proprietary technology-driven, human-powered quality control process which ensures your lease abstracts are correct every single time and allows us to offer the double-your-money-back guarantee.  Rest assured that using CREModels for lease abstraction is the safest choice in the industry and is able to give you the peace-of-mind necessary to move quickly forward with your lease abstracting needs.

We also specialize in high-volume lease abstracts and quick-turnaround lease abstract projects, able to turn around large numbers of abstracts in extremely short time frames, regardless of complexity.  Our lease abstracting teams are structured such that we can spread huge abstracting projects across multiple teams which operate in parallel to process more leases faster and run through CREModels LeaseQC quickly so we can deliver on our promise to save you both time and money on every project.

Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee

Our Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee: We guarantee that 99.999% of material lease terms will be accurately represented in our abstracts.  We will refund double the cost of any abstract that has even a single material error.  This guarantee covers every project, whether a single lease or a project involving thousands.