Commercial Real Estate Due Diligence Services

CREModels offers extensive due diligence services which assist your team with closing a transaction, whether a loan on a single-tenant drugstore or going through M&A due diligence on a 100-property portfolio. We handle the tedious and time-consuming details that can be daunting for principals to process when they are under the stress of a difficult closing process or managing many properties or portfolios at the same time. We can quickly deliver Lease Abstracts, update ARGUS® Models, help with complex pro-ration calculations, or anything else that helps you get your deal across the finish line.

Our Due Diligence Team encompasses industry experts with years of experience not only in Lease Abstracting, but also in financial modeling and deal structures. With heavy experience in the ARGUS® product suite (including ARGUS® Valuation DCF, ARGUS® Developer and ARGUS® Enterprise) as well as Microsoft Excel®, our Real Estate Analysts are highly skilled in complex real estate modeling. They also have a keen eye for detail and understand the financial implications of even the most seemingly innocuous clauses found while lease abstracting. Feel free to bring us the most complex and difficult deals, we will extract the data you truly need and produce the dashboards and reports which create true visibility into the transaction.

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