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Force Majeure in Real Estate Leases

Force Majeure in Real Estate Leases During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic on everyone’s mind, an often overlooked clause is gaining prominence in all contracts, including real estate leases: Force Majeure.

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Real Estate Portfolio Stress Testing

Real Estate Portfolio Stress Testing: Core 4 Indicators and Other Considerations

Real estate portfolio stress testing is one method we use to assess an investor’s ability to weather upcoming (or ongoing) economic turmoil. There are four primary factors we like to start with when doing a stress test on a real estate portfolio.

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COVID-19 Real Estate Epidemics

COVID-19 Real Estate Impact: What Experts Say

As the bears take over on Wall Street, there are plenty of experts weighing in on the impact COVID-19 will have on the global and U.S. economies, financial markets and commercial real estate. Commercial real estate investors and developers are continuing to reevaluate strategies as it relates to immediate, short-term and longer-term opportunities.

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CRE Suite Real Estate Software by CREModels

CREModels Offers Free Access to Remote-Collaboration Tools Amid Coronavirus Concerns in Commercial and Multifamily Real Estate

PropTech firm cites conference cancellations, curtailed travel and teleworking requests in offering free access to its cloud-based deal-making platform, the CRE Suite.

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IRR Viewpoint 2020

IRR Viewpoint 2020 – Real Estate Research Roundup

This annual report explores national commercial real estate trends, as well as provides a detailed overview of five key property types: office, multifamily, retail, industrial and hospitality. Specifically, The IRR Viewpoint 2020 examines how trends related to the economy, housing,…

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Deloitte's Commercial Real Estate Outlook

Deloitte’s Commercial Real Estate Outlook 2020 – Real Estate Research Roundup

PropTech will continue to reshape CRE in 2020 Deloitte’s Commercial Real Estate Outlook 2020 found that a majority of CRE professionals have positive views about how the CRE industry will perform over the next 18 months. The majority, 61%, are…

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PwC & ULI Emerging Trends

PwC & ULI Emerging Trends 2020 – Real Estate Research Roundup

The annual PwC & ULI ( Urban Land Institute) Emerging Trends in Real Estate report is an in-depth 100-page review that takes a macro-level look at major trends and key markets to watch in both the U.S. and Canada. It…

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Commercial Real Estate Research

Commercial Real Estate Research Roundup – Outlook 2020

We maintain a comprehensive list of commercial and multifamily real estate research for investment and development. This is our Commercial Real Estate Research Roundup related to those real estate research reports released at the end of 2019 and during Q1…

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Transition away from LIBOR

Moves by the NY Fed, GSEs could accelerate transition away from LIBOR

It’s official: Regulators are retiring LIBOR by the end of 2021. The transition away from LIBOR to SOFR is trudging along, and government agencies are digging their spurs into the commercial real estate industry.

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