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Holday Retail Store Closings

Store Closures Ahead? Holidays Could Bring Harsh Reality for Some Retailers

Holiday shoppers started hitting stores well ahead of the official Black Friday kick-off to the 2019 holiday season. Commercial real estate investors want to know which retailers are going to be left standing when the dust settles this holiday season.

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Q3 2019 Quarterly Briefing Reis Research Real Estate

Reis Research: No more waiting, economic slowdown is here

Even as economists continue to debate exactly when a recession is likely to emerge that will put an end to the current record-breaking cycle, there is clear data that the much anticipated slower growth has already arrived. The latest Q3…

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How to value retail space in an omni-channel age

CREModels Quoted on New Retail Metrics in ICSC Cover Story

Given the growing consensus that sales per square foot is losing its luster as the end-all-be-all in retail real estate, could data-sharing be the path forward?

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Retailers and Landlords structure leases in an Omni-Channel world

How do you value physical space in an omni-channel age? Experts are building consensus

Consensus is growing in the shopping center industry about two key realities of the omni-channel age: The first is that sales per square foot no longer measures the full value of all stores and malls; the second is that retailers and landlords have made scant progress toward replacing it.

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Commercial Real Estate Lender Financial Models

Building Project Momentum with Real Estate Financial Models

Real estate developers and investors compete for attention with other professionals in the business, but often their financial models become an obstacle to their efforts.

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Mike Harris (CREModels) with Scott Turner (White House Revitalization Council) - Qualified Opportunity Zones

Interest in Opportunity Zone Projects Surging at National Conference, Expert Says

For commercial and multifamily real estate developers, alignment and communication are the keys to raising capital amid an onslaught of investor demand, advises Mike Harris of CREModels.

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Are the Bulls Still Running in Commercial Real Estate?

Spring Market Update: Are the Bulls Still Running in CRE?

Despite the recent roller coaster ride on Wall Street, the latest round of Commercial Real Estate industry surveys points to continued optimism ahead for commercial real estate over the next 12 months.

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QOZB - Opportunity Zone Business - CREModels

Opportunity Zone Business: The Business of Opportunity Q&A with CREModels

One of the main focuses of the recently released Opportunity Zone guidance was on Qualified Opportunity Zone Businesses (QOZB). Michael Harris with CREModels indicated that the new guidance is hugely important for O-zone business which, in turn, will impact real estate development. Connect Media recently asked him a few questions about guidance clarifications, and how they impact both business and real estate in Opportunity Zones.

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Qualified Opportunity Zones: April 2019 Guidance, Analyses & Amendments

Investing in Qualified Opportunity Zones – Special Analyses & Proposed Amendments

Annotated full-text of the primary portion of the Investing in Qualified Opportunity Zones Guidance from April 2019. Find out what IRS and Treasury have just released regarding the second tranche of guidance around Qualified Opportunity Zones.

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