Real Estate Financial Analysis

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Real Estate Financial Analysis

Our expert team is highly trained to provide the most comprehensive real estate financial analysis and modeling services available. Whether using ARGUS® Software (such as ARGUS® Valuation DCF, ARGUS® Developer or ARGUS® Enterprise), Microsoft Excel® or custom software for advanced real estate modeling, we can help you accurately model cash flows and returns at the property, portfolio, fund, or corporate level.

We have extensive experience in every individual product type as well as mixed-use projects and exotic analyses such as infrastructure investments, long-term land leases and oil and gas projects.

For many projects, we can use ARGUS® products for portfolio and fund-level analysis, however many clients prefer a specialized model tuned to their specific business process and integrated with their historical accounting data. In these cases, we leverage The CRE Suite framework to ensure standardized and accurate calculations and reporting across asset classes and use cases. Beyond discounted cash flow modeling for real estate assets and funds, we also handle specialized areas of advanced real estate financial modeling such as complex debt models, Monte Carlo Simulations, buy/lease decision models, and more.

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