Microsoft Excel Real Estate Financial Modeling

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CREModels offers a traditional consulting approach to Microsoft Excel projects. Our Microsoft Excel Real Estate Financial Modeling services range from back-of-the-napkin pro-formas to complete overhauls of your fund management system and models. All of our Excel analysts have successfully completed our rigorous learning path.

Each Excel project has a custom quote specifically designed for you and your company based on conversations directly with our Excel specialists.

All of our projects include an iterative approach taken from the software engineering world; where we send you interim versions so you can test modules as we build. This eliminates bugs in the final product and quickens the learning curve for any model you deploy within your organization.

We are sensitive to the dynamics that occur when different stakeholders share an Excel-based model. Whether its security locking, worksheet security, accounting portals, asset manager portals, we have experience dealing with all of those issues and can implement that into the model we create for you.

We model all property types, all investment phases, and all capital types.

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