CREModels Unveils New Tech Tools for Commercial Real Estate

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CREModels Unveils New Tech Tools for Commercial Real Estate

Originally Appeared in PR Newswire by Mike Harris and Max Garbus

Flagship software platform, The CRE Suite, gets a major update, empowering commercial and multifamily real estate investment and development teams to close more deals, company says.

A major software update released by CREModels aims to make life easier for acquisitions and development teams in commercial and multifamily real estate.

The St. Petersburg-based real estate consultancy and tech firm, leveraging decades of collective, hands-on experience by executives working directly with investors and developers throughout the capital stack, has substantially extended the platform beyond its initial release just over a year ago, said Mike Harris, Managing Director.

“This version allows teams to pull all their data together in one place and gives them great ways to work with it,” Harris said. “It offers deal-tracking with our pipeline CRM; investment analysis and development pro forma modeling with our library of financial models; mapping; demographics; and even custom pitchbooks and presentations.”

A hub for managing and accessing critical real estate data, The CRE Suite was designed for ease of use by connected teams regardless of location, noted Max Garbus, Vice President. It includes tools for pipeline management, financial analysis, development, asset-management as well as other important areas beyond day-to-day transactions.

The update further enables teams to underwrite large portfolios and collaborate on complex pro forma analyses, Garbus noted. “Today’s real estate companies need to be able to access and work with data stored in various locations in one seamless, cloud-powered, easy-to-use interface,” he said, “and yet all too often they rely on legacy systems that lack streamlined, flexible integrations.”

The platform mirrors the way today’s investment and development teams operate, Harris said. “Our core cloud platform extends to different team members in different ways,” he said. “We designed specialized tools inside the platform specifically for acquisitions directors, analysts, marketing groups, and admin staff. Each user has an ideal interface that maximizes their efficiency and productivity.”

For the latest version, CREModels partnered with HubSpot to customize the customer relationship management app HubSpot CRM for acquisitions and development teams. “Our subscribers now get access to a customized version of HubSpot CRM, and all the awesome features that come with it,” Garbus explained. “We have also added customizable integrations with Salesforce or any apps built on the platform. This allows real estate teams to finally leverage professional CRM features on a platform which also integrates their data and allows them to perform detailed financial analysis.”

In addition, users can now populate pitch books and investor reports by downloading underwriting data from the cloud. “Marketing and admin staff no longer have to wait to get started on package designs,” Harris said. “They can drop updated financials into the package at any time.”

The firm also improved The CRE Suite’s user interface, including both web and in-app functions, and enhanced its data visualization functions for projects, funds and portfolios. The new Draft Mode allows users to stamp each page and thereby eliminate misunderstandings about which version is being sent out to the team, investors, or lenders.

One-click modeling tools now available in the new CRE Toolkit further improve productivity. “For example, in any Microsoft Excel model you can now quickly and easily add an amortization table or run a waterfall analysis,” Garbus said.

CREModels’ extensive library of real estate models is now just a few clicks away as well. “We have always been the industry leader when it comes to bulletproof real estate financial models, and now it’s fast and easy for subscribers to grab the models they need for any real estate project,” Harris said. “As a result, they’re always ready to underwrite opportunities, even niche property types like self-storage, student housing and mixed-use development.”

Lastly, new connectivity tools improve subscriber access to expert analysts at CREModels. “When subscribers have questions, they can use our quick-send feature to send the model they’re working on right over to us,” Harris explained. “With one click, they’ll have an analyst here in our office working on the problem.”

To learn more about The CRE Suite, visit or contact Max Garbus, Vice President, for a demo at or (201) 252-7487

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