24-Hour Lease Abstracting Services

Quick-Turnaround Lease Abstracting

Our team of experienced Lease Abstractors specializes in quick-turnaround lease abstraction. We can often complete small jobs (less than 50 leases) inside 24-hours. Many clients prefer to use our Quick-Turnaround Lease Abstraction in conjunction with our High-Volume Lease Abstracting Service by prioritizing leases either by size (ie – processing the largest leases first to spot the most significant effects on value earlier) or by property (ie – processing one property at a time so financial analysis can be completed on certain properties first).

Complementary Services

Our Property-Level Financial Modeling services also work well with  Quick-Turnaround Lease Abstracting Services. For example, we can bundle ARGUS® Modeling together with Lease Abstracting and deliver a full package of Lease Abstracts and Financial Analysis for a 20-50 tenant shopping center as quickly as the next day.

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24-Hour Lease Abstracts are available with our Financial Abstract Form and our Full Abstract Form. Custom forms are available on a case-by-case basis. Pricing and availability varies for quick-turnaround projects, depending on our current workload.