Real Estate Consulting Case Studies

Below are examples of solutions we have provided to real estate firms, including principals, investors, tenants, service providers, and lenders. Check back often, as our collection of real estate consulting case studies grows as we find more representative assignments to share.


Rent Survey and Market Analysis Tool

Our client in this case was a prominent adviser to large multifamily developers wishing to examine a market and establish defensible market underwriting metrics. They had a cumbersome and difficult-to-read reporting module that needed redone.

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Portfolio Underwriting Model and Financial Analysis Tool

Our client had a common need. They wanted to quickly review portfolio deals using information gleaned from a broker’s marketing package, while updating assumptions with respect to rents, growth rates, occupancy, and more. But, they didn’t want the detail that often comes with portfolio underwriting models.

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ARGUS® Valuation DCF Audit and Data Conversion

Our Client, a publicly-traded national shopping center REIT, uses Cougar Software for Property Management, which generates reXML files suitable for importing into ARGUS® Valuation DCF. In this particular case, the Client was confronted with over 100 reXML files they needed batch converted into ARGUS®.

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