CRE Suite - Real Estate Development Software Built from the Cloud Up

CRE Suite

Upgrade Your Real Estate Development Software

We used our extensive experience in real estate development with thousands of clients in the industry to pack the CRE Suite with features that meet real-world problems for real estate development teams working in the technology age.

What can you do with the CRE Suite?

Real Estate Development Software - Familiar & Intuitive Interface

Familiar & Intuitive Interface

Our real estate development software platform includes a Microsoft Excel® Add-In, allowing you to continue using your existing models or use our detailed best-practice real estate development models for virtually any product type.

Real Estate Development Software Platform

Platform for Real Estate Development

Analysts can build underwriting tools that work within the CRE Suite framework, allowing teams to leverage the power of the platform. We can assist with model configuration or provide a made-to-measure compatible solution.

Standardized Models for Real Estate Development

Standardize Your Models & Maintain Flexibility

Corporate standards can be maintained by allowing a “fresh download” of the original template, maintaining version control without locking entire models. Executives get the reports they love and Analysts retain the flexibility they need.

Real Estate Development Software - Easy to Share

Simple, Secure Sharing for Distributed Teams

Say goodbye to external links and “file in use” errors. The CRE Suite allows teams to work on large mixed-use real estate development projects in parallel. The CRE Suite allows dynamic versioning and scenario analysis so executives can get real-time updates.

Mapping & Demographics for Real Estate Development

Built-In Mapping and Demographics

Use high-quality data from Esri to insert beautiful thematic maps and demographics for virtually any data set. Google maps with markers are also easily embedded.

Real Estate Development Software for Mixed-Use Developments

Mixed-Use Developments

Use individual property-type models and roll them up into combined real estate development models. No more external references or waiting on colleagues to save a file before you can make changes. Real estate development software that works with you, not against you.

Cloud-based Real Estate Software

Unlimited Version Storage

Store development pro forma versions in the cloud with unlimited scale. No more hunting through folders and directory trees to find deals.

Real Estate Pitch Books

Create Dynamic Pitch-Books

Let the marketing department work alongside you! Pitch books and offering memoranda no longer have to wait for the analysis to be complete. Marketing can use our pre-built templates or customize their own and update the financials easily at any time.

Real Estate Development Scenario Analysis

Lightning-Fast Scenario Analysis

Quickly save and switch between different versions of your development pro forma. A single-click steps through assumptions while you watch the results update in realtime.