ARGUS® Valuation DCF Reporting in Microsoft Excel

As ARGUS® Software continues to expand the ARGUS® Enterprise product and move customers away from ARGUS® Valuation DCF, some users may choose to delay adoption or simply remain ARGUS® Valuation DCF users indefinitely.

While no official end-of-life notice has been given yet, we expect the date to be announced before the end of 2015.

To accommodate ARGUS® Valuation DCF users, CREModels℠ has developed a Microsoft Excel®-based reporting tool which allows users to import data quickly from any ARGUS® Valuation DCF fileand not only produce outstanding reports and dashboards, but also manage investment analysis by adjusting metrics for going-in and going-out cap rates (or prices), adjusting debt and equity assumptions, and more. All without any need to navigate the cumbersome OpenARGUS database.


We offer several ways to work with this revolutionary tool:

  1. Send us your ARGUS® Valuation DCF file(s) – We can import the data into the ARGUS® Valuation DCF Reporting and Analysis tool for you, and email back a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet with the ability to update your analysis using several investment levers and produce outstanding dashboards which can be easily saved to PDF from inside Microsoft Excel®.
  2. Add premium reporting and analysis functionality to an ARGUS® model we create for you – As part of our financial analysis using ARGUS® Valuation DCF, we can deliver your data already loaded into the ARGUS® Valuation DCF Reporting and Analysis tool, ready for immediate use.
  3. Purchase a customized version of the ARGUS® Valuation DCF Reporting and Analysis tool – We can customize the ARGUS® Valuation DCF Reporting and Analysis tool to your specific needs by customizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), charts/graphs, tables, logo/branding, color schemes, and more. Our team of Microsoft Excel® Real Estate Consultants can make your dashboard report match your marketing or investor-relations materials for seamless inclusion. This allows your team of analysts to import data on-the-fly and in-house.

ARGUS® Valuation DCF Reporting and Analysis for Portfolios

Also remember, our ARGUS® Valuation DCF Reporting and Analysis tool for Microsoft Excel® also works with Portfolios! This allows you to roll-up any number of properties into a portfolio for analysis and reporting purposes.