ARGUS® Run Creation

Because of our constant immersion in valuation procedures with ARGUS®, we have an unparalleled understanding of the ARGUS® run process. Many of our clients find that it is faster and more cost-effective to outsource their ARGUS® runs when in-house analysts are overloaded or focused more on tweaking existing ARGUS® runs. This is valuable to both institutional investors with a large installed ARGUS® base and smaller private clients who lack an ongoing need to use ARGUS® on a regular basis. The time and energy spent in the training process is better spent in other areas, yet the insight gained from ARGUS® is invaluable.

ARGUS® Run Review

Clients who are new to ARGUS® often benefit from having a second set of eyes review a real estate model they created to analyze an ARGUS® run. We assist these clients by performing reviews of the ARGUS® runs they created (or received from third-parties) for accuracy.

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***ARGUS® is a registered trademark of ARGUS Software™ and has no business relationship with CREModels.