Client Testimonials

We go to great lengths to make sure our Clients come back again and again. We make sure they have the absolute best experience possible when working with CREModels. We focus on being available, knowledgeable and accurate. And always easy to do business with, whether you are in our back yard or on the other side of the globe.

As proof, below are a few selected Client Testimonials from recent projects…

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CREModels Client Testimonials - Inland Real Estate [ARGUS Models / Technology Services]

Inland Real Estate

“You guys continue to amaze me by doing things I never thought were possible.”

– Portfolio Manager

Clarion Partners

“I have found CREModels reliable and easy to work with. Overall, they provide excellent value.”

– Acquisitions Manager
CREModels Client Testimonials - Clarion Partners [ARGUS Models / Lease Abstracts]
CREModels Client Testimonials - Transwestern [ARGUS Models / Lease Abstracts]


“You guys did an absolutely wonderful job in a quick timeframe”

– Managing Director

Comvest Properties

“I am very impressed by your company’s work and promptness”

– Director
CREModels Client Testimonial - Comvest Properties [ARGUS Models / Lease Abstracts]
CREModels Client Testimonials - Hudson Realty Capital [ARGUS Models / Lease Abstracts]

Hudson Realty Capital

“Thank you for handling all the questions on our ARGUS® model and turning this around so quickly”

– Portfolio Acquisitions Director