About CREModels℠ Real Estate Consulting

Whether you’re overloaded and on tight deadlines or a busy real estate executive seeking transparency into your operations, CREModels℠ will sift through your real estate information and reduce large amounts of complex real estate investment information into easy-to-understand and easy-to-explain financial models. Our clients include effectively all participants up and down the real estate capital stack, including principals, investors, tenants, and service providers.

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CREModels Stacked Logo

With an expert team of analysts and consultants, we can quickly turnaround Lease Abstracts with the key financial data you require and produce ARGUS® Models in short-order. Not to be understated is that we are completely US-based and none of your data or documents are sent overseas.

Owners and users of large portfolios also tend to have enormous amounts of real estate analysis data that reside in multiple locations, whether in ARGUS® Enterprise, Yardi, MRI, Cougar, Quickbooks. custom accounting packages, etc.. We have worked with all of these programs and can seamlessly integrate them into novel reporting solutions.

CREModels℠ also specializes in creating custom cloud-based, mobile, or Microsoft Excel®-based dashboards and analysis tools to understand the nuances of debt and equity structures, disposition/refinance scenarios, fund-level analyses, investor reporting metrics, or other specialized needs.

We are not “contract value” oriented and will work with individual real estate investors who are active but are short-staffed or lack a team of analysts to quickly dig through packages and financial models. We reduce the large amount of information into a few decision-making metrics.

Our experience has involved many product types: office, industrial, retail, single-tenant net lease, GSA, multifamily apartments, self-storage, development, loan pools, and more. We also understand and can model the needs of sophisticated ownership arrangements including general partnerships, limited partners, LLC’s, claw-back provisions, hurdle rates, and waterfalls.


Our goal is to provide you with a deliverable that can save you time and help you make a more informed investment decision.

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